Structural Surveys

Are You in Need of a Building or Structural Survey?

Quarrington Design Ltd, based in Sleaford, has a long-standing history of conducting structural surveys for our clients, leveraging years of expertise and experience in the field.

Building Surveys

The survey provides a comprehensive examination of the property’s condition and structure, detailing any defects and suggesting options for repairs.

Typically targeting older or more extensive properties and major renovation initiatives, this thorough analysis can span an entire day to ensure meticulous detail. Additionally, a market valuation might be included in the report, offering further insight into the property’s worth.

Structural Surveys

Structural surveys are accessible for all types of properties and offer comprehensive guidance on necessary repairs to ensure the property is habitable.

The survey concentrates on the principal load-bearing parts of the property, such as retaining walls and support beams, and is particularly vigilant in identifying severe issues like rot, structural movement, and dampness. This meticulous examination is pivotal for maintaining the integrity and safety of the property.